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World War I

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Art of War - Lonna Tucker

KWL Chart Photo Analysis Worksheet Student Poster Rubric Art of War Lesson Plan WWI Posters WWI Pre and Post Tests read more

Art of War 2 - Lonna Tucker

July 9, 2014

Art of War Poem Lesson Plan Photo Story Poem Presentation Rubric PhotoStory 3 Tutorial read more

Charge or Dig? Comparing WWI Photos to Civil War Photos - Roger Ball

CopyofWorldWarICivilWarPhotos Death and Destruction Photo Gallery Walk photo_analysis_worksheet read more

Propaganda Posters of World War I - Carolyn Ruiz Diaz

poster_analysis_worksheet Propaganda Poster Vocabulary Propaganda Pretest Propoganda Lesson Plan WWI Propaganda Posters read more

The Beginning of the War to End All Wars - Missy DeLozier

Copy of Picture activity Lesson One World War I Lesson Plan 1 read more

The Doughboy Diaries - Carolyn Ruiz Diaz

diary of a doughboy PDF Dough Boys Lesson Plan Doughboy Pre-Test Doughboy Vocabulary read more

The Failure of the Treaty of Versailles - Jason Navarno

Lesson2WWIPP Pre-PostTEST The Failure of the Treaty of Versailles lessons read more

The Mexican War and World War I: The Effects of our Shared History - Roger Ball

Pretest US Mexican relationship TAH lesson Mexican-world war comparison Zimmerman file read more

Veterens Day WWI - Christi Thomas

July 9, 2014

Veterans Day WWI Lesson Plan Veterans Day and WW! Post Test Veterans Day Poppy Powerpoint read more

WWI and Trench Warfare - Christi Thomas

July 9, 2014

WWI and Trench Warfare Lesson Plan read more

WWI Through Haunted History, Games, and Images - Snedden

July 9, 2014

ArchDuke Franz Ferndinand Czar Nicholas II (1) Eddie Rickenbacker 1890 read more

Butter Battle Book by Janet Parker

Cause and Effect Butter Battle Book graphic organizer The Butter Battle Book Lesson WW1 The Butter Battle Book PostTest read more

Analyzing a Painting by Glenn Oney

Analyzing a Painting Artist Otto Dix Documenting the Horrors of the Great War Artist Otto Dix Exploring Postg WWI Germany Through Art Pre post test Glenn Oney WWI read more

Causes of WWI, The Great War Lesson One by Ryan Kaden, Nancy Ohmart, Janet Parker

Causes of WWI- Ryan Kaden Nancy Ohmart Janet Parker GreatWarPreTest read more

Picture This Photos from WWI -Kari Cox and Amber Bledsoe

Picture This Photos from WWI -Kari Cox and Amber Bledsoe read more

Picturing WWI Poetry, Great War Lesson II by Ryan Kaden, Nancy Ohmart, and Janet Parker

Picturing WWI Through Poetry Parker Ohmart Kaden GreatWarLessonTwoPreTest read more

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