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Major Civil War Battles and other Civil War Information

September 11, 2013

Lesson Plan (Civil War) May 2, 2013

Jan Parrish and Sarah McAfee

Title of Lesson:   Major Civil War Battles and other Civil War Information


Author of lesson:  Many authors and materials used. Teachers: Parrish/McAfee


Grade level:  6th grade Intermediate


Resources: primary sources, websites, tables, charts maps, books, iPads


Grade Level Expectation: Power standard - Identify political, economical, and social causes and consequences of the Civil War and Reconstruction.  Examine cultural interactions among these groups from Colonial times to Civil War,  A. Native Americans  B. immigrants from Europe,  C. Africans brought to America


Key Terms: North, Union, Federals, South, Confederates, Rebels, Lincoln, Booth, Battles of Shiloh, Antietam, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Fort Sumter, Bull Run, Slaves, States Rights, Civil War


Historical Background: Many books, materials, documents, and primary sources, pertaining to the Civil War were used for this lesson.


Anticipatory Set: Pink and Say, book by Patricia Polacco. This book was pre-read, before the lesson, to develop interest in the subject matter.


Do Now Activity: The students will rotate between six stations. Each station is listed below.

  1. With iPads provided, search Youtube, type in Civil War music and listen to what was popular, during wartime.
  2. With iPads provided, search Youtube, type in Gettysburg Civil War Reenactment Footage. Watch footage and prepare for discussion.
  3. Students complete word scramble activity concerning “Major Civil War Battles.” This activity was taken from the following website. www.classroomjr.com/civil-war-for-kids/civil-war-worksheets/
  4. Students will look at primary documents that represent the Civil War period. They must list three things they saw and explain what they represented.
  5. The students will pretend they are a newspaper reporter. They just learned that President Lincoln had been shot at Ford’s Theatre. They must create a “Headline” for their story and include three important details.
  6. The students will create a Civil War Advertisement poster, choosing the North or the South, and persuade others to join their cause.


Homework: If work from stations 3, 5, and 6 are not completed in class, the students will need           

  to take those papers home for homework.


Assessment: The students will complete a pretest and a posttest.






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