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Civil Rights

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Extending the Rght to Vote

August 15, 2013





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  1. What amendment gave African-American men the right to vote?

a. 19th                                                                            b.  15th

b. 20th                                                  d.  26th

  1. Which of following groups were not discriminated against?

a. native Americans                                           b. white men

c. women                                                            d. blacks

  1. How many Constitutional amendments were necessary to get to our present state of voting?

a. 2

b. 3

c. 4

d. 5


  1. What amendment gave 18 year olds the right to vote?

a.  26th         b. 25th             c. 19th           d.  29th

  1. What did the 23rd amendment do for Americans?

a. gave Missourians the right to vote

b.  gave Puerto Rico the right to vote

c. gave District of Columbia the right to vote

d. gave the United States the right to vote

  1. Taking a literacy test before you vote is a form of what?

a. board tax  b.  pole tax   c. poll tax  d. dole tax



  1. When did Native Americans gain citizenship in this country?

a.  1919  b. 1920  c. never  d. 1924

  1. What law allows ballots in all areas of the country to be in other languages if


a. VRA 1975  b. VRA 1974  c. VRA 1976  d.  Ruled unconstitutional

  1. When did women get the right to vote in this country?

a. never

b. 1870

c. 1919

d. 1970

  1. What law allows for easier registration to vote in the U.S.?



Extending the Right to Vote

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